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Matt Gaetz slams Democrat special counsel Daniel Goldman over last year’s tweet against President Trump

Republican Florida representative Matt Gaetz on Monday confronted Democrat Daniel Goldman during the impeachment hearing and slammed him over his tweet last year against President Donald Trump. Goldman, in his tweet, had claimed that Trump was lying asserting that nothing....Read More

Republican Matt Gaetz asks Adam Schiff to face probe if he believes President Trump should be impeached

Republican Matt Gaetz asked House Intelligence Committee chairman Republican Adam Schiff (D-CA) to appear for Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearing. In an interview to Fox News, he asserted that Schiff has a significant role and he should defend his work. Gaetz....Read More

Democrats to drop bribery accusations against President Trump from impeachment articles: Reports

A recent report has revealed that Democrats are likely to withdraw bribery and obstruction of justice accusations against President Donald Trump from its various articles on impeachment. Democrats will now shift their focus from impeachment to abuse of power, reported....Read More