A recent report has revealed that Democrats are likely to withdraw bribery and obstruction of justice accusations against President Donald Trump from its various articles on impeachment. Democrats will now shift their focus from impeachment to abuse of power, reported the Washington Post

A report by the House Judiciary Committee’s on legal and constitutional grounds for impeachment argued that the abuse of power was an impeachable move even if it involves legally permissible actions, especially when the president had illegitimate motives. The report also takes much-condemned impeachment of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 as a positive precedent.

Democrats in another 300-page report also elaborated closed-door and public session testimony and rejected obstruction allegations by them as they reiterated that extensive space was provided to the president. The report also referred to Trump’s tweets that alleges witness intimidation, though there was no mention of bribery in the report.

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Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff argued that bribery might be a possible charge and the three legal experts summoned to testify at the Judiciary Committee also agreed to appear. However, the testimony of Republican witness was allowed to call.

Democrats will reportedly also do away with obstruction of justice charges based on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia collusion.

Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also cited lack of evidence to support impeachment, but the Democrats continued their support to impeach President Trump.

The debate over abuse of power is divided as several scholars call it too broad asserting that it could apply to every president.

There is a realm of mixed opinions over obstruction of Congress as some scholars asserted that illegitimate investigation cannot be the basis of legitimate impeachment.

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