Donald Trump attacks Obama FBI, Democrats at Pennsylvania rally: US President Donal Trump on Tuesday criticised the Obama FBI for spying on his election campaigns and launched a scathing attack on the far-left Democrats for supporting illegal immigrants on the US soil. Amid impeachment row, Trump was addressing a rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Democrats in the US House of Representatives, led by Representative Jerrold Nadler, have introduced two articles of impeachment against the US president.

Trump terms Democrats as insane party
Terming the Democrats as an “insane” party, President Trump said they support sanctuary cities, open borders, blatant corruption, late-term abortions and at the same time levy high taxes on the citizen of America. At the same time, Trump warned voters that America will be destroyed if they vote for Democrats in the upcoming 2020 United States presidential election. The Democrats have alleged that Trump corruptly solicited election assistance from the government of Ukraine in the form of investigations and misused his power.

What FBI did was unbelievable: Trump
Speaking on how his 2016 presidential campaign was spied on, Trump blamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) led by former president Barack Obama. The US president said what the FBI has done against him is unbelievable and the incident shows how the lives of innocent people are being destroyed by “scum”.

Republicans stand for law and order, justice: Trump
Trump said Philadelphia is an example of a sanctuary city where far-left Democrats allow illegal immigrants to commit all types of crime including rape, murder and physical assault on innocent people. Illegal MS-13 gangsters are active in Philadelphia and other sanctuary cities because Democrats support them while Republicans stand for law and order and social justice.

Trump rejects Elizabath Warren’s healthcare plan
Rejecting Elizabath Warren’s healthcare plan, which will cost America 52 trillion, Trump said patients won’t find their doctors for treatment despite the huge amount of money spent on the program. As many as 11.3 million illegal immigrants are living in the US now and the government spends a huge amount of money on their treatment. Trump sees undocumented immigrants as a burden on the US economy.

US-China trade row
Speaking on the US-China trade row, the US president claimed he is the only US president who has taken a tough stand against China. He said the steel mills in Pensylvania are roaring back to life due to the steel tariffs on dumped steel which was imported from China.

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