Republican Florida representative Matt Gaetz on Monday confronted Democrat Daniel Goldman during the impeachment hearing and slammed him over his tweet last year against President Donald Trump.

Goldman, in his tweet, had claimed that Trump was lying asserting that nothing in the dossier had proved to be false (including the pee tape). He wrote that it was clear that everything claimed by the President so far was a lie and facts were being disclosed now.

On August 5, 2018, Trump had asked Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Democrats to go through the meetings concerning the Fake Dossier. Calling it a Witch Hunt in the history of the country, Trump had claimed that facts were finally coming out.

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Gaetz, in response to Goldman’s tweet, asked him if he was a non-partisan to which the latter replied in the affirmative underlining that he was not partisan. He also asked Republican Stephen Castor if he was also involved in any sort of political donations, to which the latter replied no.

When Goldman was asked about political donations, he evaded the question saying he was fulfilling his civic duty, saying it was very important to support candidates for office.

Showing a posterboard that had Goldman’s last year tweet with the ‘pee’ word, Gaetz asked him if he was sorry about it given his claim in the tweet had been refuted in several aspects. Goldman replied that he didn’t regret it, maintaining that he had made a thorough investigation.

He said he would be happy to have the dossier investigation studied against many other non-partisan investigations he did during his 10 years as a federal prosecutor.

Gaetz rebutted saying either you regret it or you don’t and asked Goldman if he wasn’t going to answer the question.

Goldman, who was previously an analyst with MSNBC, has also worked with the left-wing Brennan Center.

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