US President Donald Trump in a scathing letter against Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed them for impeachment investigation.

He penned the letter hours before the House of Representatives was to votes on articles of impeachment against him. In the six-page letter, the president expressed his strongest and most powerful condemnation of impeachment crusade spearheaded by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

He wrote that the impeachment represents an unprecedented and unconstituional abuse of power by Democrats in America’s legislative history.

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Later, in a press briefing Trump called impeachment a hoax and witch hunt, saying it’s just a continuation of what has been going on for almost three years.

President Trump’s letter was supported by grievances and complaints against Democrats to impeach him for not allowing military aid Ukraine and allegedly pressurising country’s president Volodymyr Kelensky to publicly announce investigations against former vice-president Joe Biden.

Trump also mentioned about conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine, not Russia that intervened in the 2016 elections. He termed the impeachment move a sham.

The impeachment vote is due to occur on Wednesday but the President claimed he won’t be watching the vote.

The President also emphasized that he wasn’t interested in witnesses called by Democrats for impeachment investigation.

In the letter, he also accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of propagating libellous and vicious crusade against him adding she was influenced by personal motives.

Lashing out at Pelosi further, Trump said her speakership and her party were trapped by the radical representatives of the far left.

He said Democrats were violating the oath of office by initiating an invalid impeachment adding that it was like declaring an open war on American democracy.

On Tuesday Senator Mith McConnell, who will look after Trump’s impeachment trial announced that he would not entertain Democrats’ demands to have four witnesses for hearings.

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