Ahead of the upcoming 2020 US Presidential elections, House Democrats have released draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The voting on the two articles has been scheduled for today and the committee will vote for the two articles separately. Democratic colleagues were invited to attend President Donald Trump’s second introduction in 2021 presidential polls during the debate over articles of impeachment on Wednesday evening.

According to reports, Trump, who is alleged to have misused his power for his personal gains is now on trial over the charges against him. The House Judiciary Committee is likely to approve the charges and send the same to the entire House representatives for a recommendation next week. Should Trump be impeached, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will conduct a final vote to acquit Donald Trump. This action of Mitch McConnell is significant as Republicans want Donald Trump to be given a clean chit against the charges on him and not rely on the voting procedures to dismiss the disputed case.

According to the US constitution, Trump needs 67 votes to be convicted and removed from his current presidentship, which is quite impossible as per his political status.

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Meanwhile, Trump recently had a rare meeting with Russia’s top diplomat, in which he had Russia not to interfere in the upcoming US presidential polls. For more updates on Donald Trump and Us Presidential Elections 2020, keep visiting www.therepublican.com/.

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