US President Donald Trump-led administration on Monday declared that the unemployment rate in the country reached its lowest due to the highly successful economic policies of the government.

Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs at the US Treasury Department Monica Crowley in an interview asserted that unemployment rate has reduced to 3.5 per cent, country’s lowest since 1969. She added that the month of November saw jobs surge with the creation of 266,000 jobs, that surpassed all the expectations.

Calling the job numbers absolutely incredible, Crowley said the employment surge was breathtaking given the historically low unemployment rate across the board.

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Crowley said the numbers suggest that President Trump’s economic freedom agenda is working as a reasonable number of people in the country were in the workforce and unemployment rate was at a 50-year low.

Among the groups to have reached a 50-year unemployment low are Africans-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and women. Crowley said, unlike previous presidents, the jobs created under PresidentTrump are career-track jobs. She also slammed the Democrats for belittling the initiatives introduced under Trump administration and refuted the allegations that the jobs were temporary or contractual in nature.

She said since the 2016 election when Trump ousted Democrat candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, the US economy has prospered more with over 7 million jobs claiming that the number was more than the population of Massachusetts.

The US Assistant Secretary said the economic growth shows the smart implementation economic policies adding that issues like tax cut, deregulation, unleashing the energy sector, balancing international trade, everything has been delivered by President Trump. Crowley added that the November wages also grew by 3.1%, highest in the last one year.

She said the economic policies have not only improved the job prospects for people but have also brought in more opportunities and money. Among the working class and blue-collar workers, the wages have grown by 3.7%.

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