Following the announcement by Democrats to release articles on the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress against President Donald Trump, a survey has revealed that several Democrats could face backlash if they continued backing their party’s impeachment rhetoric.

Trump’s 2020 US election campaign manager Brad Parscale reiterated that there is a possibility of two incumbent Democrats facing backlash. The survey revealed that the majority of voters were against impeachment after 300 expected voters participated in the survey.

The survey asked whether the likely voters favoured or opposed Congress impeaching Trump. A total of 56% of people opposed impeachment while 41% voted in favour.

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Another lot of people said they were less likely to vote for the Democrats if they insisted on impeachment with the majority asserting to move past the impeachment and work on issues that matter. The survey also revealed that people with want to decide President’s fate next year when they vote in the 2020 election.

The survey also suggests that a large chunk of voters want the lawmakers not to waste time and focus on pressing issues, instead of splurging dollars on impeachment.

The survey found that voters want their representatives to focus on reducing prescription drug prices, fixing infrastructure, and pursuing new trade deals and hence, not pursue impeachment.

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