US President Donald Trump at a public rally in Hersey mocked Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg saying he would be happy to contest against him in the 2020 election. Taking a jibe at Buttigieg, Trump compared him to Alfred E. Neuman, the cartoon from Mad Magazine.

When asked if Buttigieg was a potential candidate for the Presidential post, Trump compared him to cartoon Alfred E. Neuman saying he could not become the president of the United States.

He also mocked the Democrat candidate’s surname saying Boot-Edge-Edge Trump added that he could not believe Buttigieg was doing well and joked that he dreamt about him. Buttigieg is one of the leading fundraisers for the presidential elections.

Trump said Democrats used to be a sane party, but now it’s insane underlining that its members had become crazy, especially after he took over as the President.

The US President said he would not attack Sen given she fought her way back in the polls and ridiculed Elizabeth Warren’s video in which she is seen having a beer with supporters and husband. He called it a phoney disgusting idea to have a beer with supporters in public.

Buttigieg, in response to Trump’s jibe on him, said he had to Google the cartoon to understand what the President was even talking about. He said he didn’t get Trump’s joke because of the generational gap.

Buttigieg further said it was funny to see the president of the US devoting time on mocking others and not trying to salvage the China deal.

Meanwhile, Republican Matt Gaetz on Tuesday slammed Democrat Special Counsel Daniel Goldman over his last year’s tweet against Trump in which he had called the President a liar.

Gaetz asked Goldman if he was a non-partisan or had any involvement in political donations.

Goldman, in response, said he was not partisan while evaded the question whether he was ever involved in political donations. The Democrat Special counsel said he was only performing his civic duty underlining that it was important to support party candidates.

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