Ahead of his impeachment by the House, President Trump wrote a scathing letter against Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacking them for spearheading a witch hunt in the guise of impeachment.

In the letter, Trump called the impeachment an unprecedented and unconstitutional move in America’s legislative history and repeatedly attacked Pelosi for executing political motives grudgingly.

Trump in a press briefing also told the reporters that Democrats were propagating a witch hunt against him adding that impeachment move was a hoax.

Take a look at scathing statements Trump made in his letter:

1) The impeachment is an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by Democrats in the legislative history of America.
2) Calling impeachment a very ugly word, Trump wrote Democrats have cheapened its importance
3) Democrats were violating oaths of office by pursuing unconstitutional and invalid impeachment.
4) Democrats are declaring an open war on American Democracy
5) Democrats are attempting to invoke the Founding Fathers to proceed with their election-nullification scheme

6)Democrats are offending not juts founding fathers but also the people of America
7) Democrats are pursuing self-interest which is a terrible thing
8)Trump also referred to the conversation between him and Ukraine President Volodmyr Kelensky saying the transcript of the conversation was available asserting that the paragraph in question was proved otherwise.
9) Further in the Ukraine deal, Trump wrote he only asked the country’s President to do US a favour and not support him or any campaign
10)Democrats have turned a policy disagreement between two branches of government into a impeachable offense
11) Former Ukraine Vice-President Joe Biden misused his office and $1 billion dollar of US military aid to force the country to sack the prosecutor who was investigating the company paying Biden’s tons of money.
12)Democrats framing President Trump into what Joe Biden admitted he did despite Ukraine President Zelensky repeatedly declaring no involvement of the US President

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