President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Hersey, Pennysylvania mocked Democrats and house Speaker Pelosi for bringing up articles of impeachment in Senate as he called the move impeachment light.

Trump said it was the lightest, weakest impeachment that the US had ever witnessed adding that everybody was calling it impeachment light. He reiterated that it was the lightest impeachment in the history of the US.

He slammed the Democrats for failing to sell the impeachment witch hunt to Republicans and the people of America. Calling it the first instance in the history of the US, Trump said Democrats were impeaching him despite no criminal record against him asserting that they only wanted to win the election.

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The president also accused Democrats of turning the highly serious impeachment process that addresses crimes and misdemeanours into a partisan event. He said the Democrats have cheapened a deal as big as impeachment process.

Trump further lashed out at the Democrats for falling for the Ukraine impeachment hoax initiated by an undisclosed whistleblower and an informer from his administration.

He said the whistleblower made false claims adding that he released the transcript of his telephonic conversation with Zelensky to clarify that there was nothing apprehensive in his phone calls.

Trump said the whistleblower suddenly disappeared after he made his telephonic conversation public.

Like the Russia investigation, the impeachment process was tough for him and his family, said Trump. He added that he would continue fighting the Democrats.

He joked that had it been some other president, the person would have been under a table with a thumb in the mouth telling mommy to take him home.

Trump appreciated that the USMCA deal drafted by him as a replacement of NAFTA was supported by Pelosi and Democrats.

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