Republican Matt Gaetz asked House Intelligence Committee chairman Republican Adam Schiff (D-CA) to appear for Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing. In an interview to Fox News, he asserted that Schiff has a significant role and he should defend his work.

Gaetz said if Adam Schiff thinks the President should be impeached due to his conduct, he is also obliged to take questions, answer his connection with the whistleblower and reveal illegal connections, if any.

Earlier in a tweet, Gaetz had called the impeachment the most partisan presidential impeachment in American history. He said Americans are thriving and slammed Democrats for not letting the Republicans work on critical issues far more important than their partisan impeachment.

Another Republican, Jody Hice, reiterated that the impeachment process deprives the opportunity to meet the needs of the American people. He added that solely focusing on impeaching President Trump will tear apart America.

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Andy Biggs, Republican representative from Arizona, supported Gaetz and called the Democrats’ lead investigator Goldman a partisan hack. He said there was nothing unbiased or fair about the Democrats’ partisan and vindictive impeachment sham. It was an attempt to impeach and remove their political rival, said Biggs.

Earlier, Gaetz had also said that Trump was sincerely acting on corruption allegations against him in the Ukraine deal and claimed that the President withdrew military aid due to Ukraine’s corrupt past.

He said Trump seized millions in military aid to Ukraine because the country is the third most corrupt nation in the world and Trump was apprehensive of risking US taxpayers money.

The US President in July this year had prevented the $400 million military assistance to Ukraine and asked its President Volodymyr Zelensky to probe the Bidens.

As far as the impeachment proceedings are concerned, the White House has not yet appeared for any hearing and reportedly and has told its officials not to respond to summons citing executive privilege.

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