A CNN poll has revealed that the percentage of those supporting President Trump’s impeachment has dropped when it surveyed 1,005 people asking them on Democrats’s partisan impeachment efforts.

The survey found that contrary to 50 percent support for impeachment, the percentage has fallen by 5 percent with now 45 percent people supporting impeachment.

Interestingly, it’s not just the general public that is shifting to Donald Trump, but the support for impeachment is also dropping among Democrats. As opposed to November, the support percentage among Democrats has come down by 13 per cent i.e. from 90 percent in November to 77 percent in December.

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It should be noted that the number of people opposing impeachment is increasing as the survey suggests a four-point jump from 43 percent in November to 47 percent in December.

The findings have emerged when the House Judiciary Committee will be advancing articles of impeachment against the president with the house expected to vote on Wednesday.

A total of 32 percent Democrats believe that its impeachment efforts will boost Trump’s reelection bid with 54 percent Republicans validating that belief. The assurance from Democrats that impeachment will help Trump in 2020 elections improves his presidential prospects.

Another poll survey conducted by IBD/TIPP revealed that voters are already shifting their presidential preferences to President Trump now.

Republican Mark Meadows tweeted, “Yet another poll bad for House Democrats impeachment. CNN poll out today: Impeachment under water at 45-47. Support down 5% from last month—opposition up 4%. Even DEMOCRATS supporting impeachment fell from 90% to 77%. Support for the charade falling just about everywhere.”

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